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The recipes on this site are intended to give you ideas on how easy it is to feed your dog fresh food. If you would like a diet/s prescribed for long term balanced use please contact me to discuss further.




200gr      fresh pumpkin seeds

½ tsp      ground cumin powder

½ tsp      ground coriander powder


Using the fresh pumpkin seeds that you have taken out of your HALLOWEEN pumpkin to make your HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN CHOWDER.



  • Put the seeds unwashed (the stickier the better) and place them into a ceramic baking dish.


  • Sprinkle on ½ tsb of dried cumin powder and ½ tsb of corriander seed powder.


  • Rub the spices into your PUMKIN seeds using your hands.


  • Pop into the oven on a medium setting for 20 mins. When ready, take them out of the oven and set to one side to cool down.



You could crush them in a pestle and mortor for a crunchy topping to add to your dogs food, use them as a snack or treat. I use them in my home made dried dog food.


Chefs TIP:


  • You can apply this method to all squashes that have these types of seeds.
  • Pumpkin Seeds make an excellent natural wormer

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