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The recipes on this site are intended to give you ideas on how easy it is to feed your dog fresh food. If you would like a diet/s prescribed for long term balanced use please contact me to discuss further.



200 g      buckwheat flower

150 g      gluten free rolled oats

1 tbs       ground almonds

1 tbs       chamomile flowers

1 tsp       lavender flowers

15 g        goats butter

½ tsp      pure organic vanilla extract sugar free


1tsp        raw honey or brown rice syrup

2 x          organic free range medium sized


1 tsp       organic expeller pressed extra virgin

               coconut oil

1 tbs       plain organic live goat yogurt or Kefir


            For the decoration


2 tbs       Organic Greek style goats yogurt

2 ml        beetroot juice for coloring




  • Mix everything together in a food processor or mixing bowl, until it resembles a dough like mixture, add a little water if it's not mixing in well enough.


  • Turn out dust with flour and roll out on a flat surface. Cut into shapes, I like stars and owls


  • Place on baking tray lined with grease proof paper and bake in the oven at 180° C/ 350° F for 20/25 minutes.


  • For a glossy finish paint with egg prior to baking, simply whisk an egg and paint on. Or just simply dust with flour after baking.


Topping Method


  • Mix one white batch and one pink/red batch.


  • You can add a little corn flour/ground almonds if you would like a stiffer mixture.


  • I like to ice a little dot onto each side of the star and make little faces on the owl.


  • Set aside for 20 minutes to dry.


The biscuits will keep for a week in an air tight container or they can be frozen and used  within 1 month.

Chefs tip


  • You could use a high quality chamomile teabag, it should only contain flowers not tea.
  • Use a chefs plastic BPA free dressing bottle with the tip cut of for easy decoration.



Preferably all ingredients should be organic.

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